May 13, 2009 - Snapshot Update

2009-05-13 00:35:27 by kamek2001

The Karate duo stays in a cabin. In this scene, the duo finished drinking with their buddies which is why they are playing baseball in the house. Eventually, Tim checks in to stay with them when Bowser kicks him and Gregory out of the castle dorms. Tim and Greg pay a rent of $250 a month (rather cheap) but also are required to make 20 batches of marijuana flavored "Lucky Candeh!" a day as their labor. Tim gets a job to pay for the rental costs. But let's not spoil the whole show before I release it now. Take a look at the pic. (This was just before Tim and Greg arrived at the cabin).

May 13, 2009 - Snapshot Update


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2009-05-13 04:34:08

holy shits
a monkey